Ambient Literature in The Bookseller


To mark the launch of the Ambient Literature project, Kate Pullinger wrote a piece for The Bookseller, the UK’s primary trade publication for the publishing industry.

The article is a great read that helps to make connections between Ambient Literature and the publishing industry. One of the on-going challenges for anyone working on digital innovation and literary forms is that emerging publishing models do not coincide with existing models within the publishing industry. Digital innovation in the publishing industry tends to focus on work-flow, book formats and marketing, whereas for many creative practitioners, including the team involved in Ambient Literature, digital innovation is about exploring hybrid forms and finding ways to create immersive narrative experiences, new ways to connect readers with stories. But one of the goals of the Ambient Literature project is to open up a discussion with the industry – we have much to gain from talking to each other.

Read Kate’s piece here.

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